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... factories, tableware factorys, sanitaryware factories and brick factories. As an ISO9001 certified enterprise, AMI dedicate to supply products and service in high quality and reasonable price, assist clients to save cost and run their production efficiently. ...

Beijing Risen Beauty Technology

... eth whitening laser Derma roller, derma pen Risen Beauty will focus on increasing international market in the next years, our target is supporting the highest quality products and best service to our clients from all of the world Welcome to visit our company! Сектор рынка Косметология Продукция для салонов красоты и спа Косметика по уходу за лицом и телом Лазерная косметология Оборудование дл ...


... d built connectivity, Chowis devices are capable of uploading and comparing each individual analysis with Chowis` extensive database thereby providing valuable reference information for customers Our Clients are global cosmetic and medical groups, as well as hospital and clinics seeking cutting-edge skin and hair diagnostic solutions and devices for various mobile platforms Chowis develops ideas a ...

... clinics seeking cutting-edge skin and hair diagnostic solutions and devices for various mobile platforms Chowis develops ideas and realizes them in hardware and software content that add value to our clients products and services Our mission is to deliver only best possible quality products and services to our customers around the world Новинки компании Product Name: dermoPrime Series Description ...

... ylish and sophisticated design for fast and easy use with a cloud-enabled database of skin images using multi spectral image processing software dermoPrime is the ideal partner to help captivate your clients attention at first glance and connect them to the necessary treatments and ideal products Product Name: dermoSmart Series Description: dermoSmart Viso and harris is a low cost diagnostic tool ...

... a low cost diagnostic tool with advanced skin and hair diagnostic system with unparalleled technology Simple and modern design for fast and easy use, dermoSmart is the best partner to captivate your clients attention at first sight Сектор рынка Производственные комплектующие и услуги Производственное оборудование Сектор рынка Сотрудничество E-304, Bundang Techno-park, 700, Pangyo-ro Gyeongg ...


... ng food & flowers. Our professionals are a strong team of entrepreneurial, independent advisors with leading knowledge and expertise therefore able to offer each client the best solutions and guiding clients to realize their ambitions. Our services include crop advice, applied research (on-site or at our own research units), trainings and (turnkey) projects to farmers, agricultural companies and i ...

... n of new growing concepts and technical installations. Jointly with our business partners various trials are executed and the newly generated knowledge is then transferred by the consultants to their clients and through trainings. Delphy Agro Business Park 65 6708 PV Нидерланды Тел.: +31317491578 Факс: +31317460400 ...


... llows us to check the product during each phase of manufacture and to guarantee an excellent quality/price relationship. Production is divided between O-Rings and components realised according to our clients` designs. Продукты компании * Technical Gaskets and O-rings These items are: grommets, bellows, set collars, square bezels, quad-rings, oval-rings, etc... The following tables are available ...


... nd 2,00,000 Jackets per year and this consistent performance has given Euro Leder Fashion Ltd the recognition from Government of India as a Star Export House. This we are indebted to all our valuable clients who believed in us on our ability and our products for all these years .We are proud to say that we have been the preferred Vendor for many International Reputed brands like Diesel, Drykorn, D ...


... heir specifications, design and samples Our main overseas markets include USA, Italy, Brazil, South Africa and Middle East having earned a good reputation in this industry We do our best to offer the clients the high quality products, with suitable packing and on-time shipping Looking forward to receiving your inquiries, we hope to have the chance of working together with you for mutual success in ...

Foshan Jiachun Biological Engineering

... ts are produced under strict compliance, by following quality system of ISO 22716, FDA (OTC) and SA8000 for EU counrties We are devoted to produce greater products and offer better service to all our clients Сектор рынка Производственные комплектующие и услуги Контрактное производство Этикетка Продукция компании Bamboo charcoal toothpaste The toothpaste is made from Natural bamboo Charcoal, ...


... rument of Beauty devices with experiences of more than 18 years By insisting in the spirits of R&D and creation, we keep on developing the innovative products in order to meet the requirements of our clients No, 3, Industrial Ave , Lumian, Beisha,Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City Guangdong Тел : 86-757-85638905 Факс: 86-757-85638907 ...


... completely integrated chain from Knitting to Garments, and we use an extensive Quality Assurance System with controls at each stage of the production. We have rich OEM experience for many brands. Our clients spread all over the world. We provide high quality products with competitive price and excellent services to satisfy our customers. * Одежда для спорта и отдыха ...

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